I hope that I will be a speech pathologist.  I will have a job responsibilities. I will need skills and education. My job outlook will grow.

First thing is job responsibilities. I will improve peoples ability to speak. I will help to pronounce words clearly. I will diagnose and treat and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

Next thing is skill and education. I will need at least a master degree. I will either get a license or registration. I will have a  supervised clinical.

Last thing is the jobs outlook. My project will grow 27 % from 2018 to 2028.  I will have much faster average growth then the average for all occupations.I will make 77,510 dollars per year.

I want to be a speech language pathologist. I will improve people ability to speech, get a master degree and get 77,510 dollars. I think i will be good at being a speech language pathologist.Image result for a speech language pathologist


I think we should rename a school to Cesar Chavez. Cesar helped Latinos and  Latinos farms to get the right to vote. Cesar fought against the mistreatment of farm laborers and migrant workers in a non-violent way. Cesar started the Farm Worked Association to help the Latinos.

Cesar helped Latinos and Latinos farms to get he right to vote. Cesar protest for Latinos rights. Cesar helped the Latinos to work with them


This essay will compare and contrast Tessie and Katniss. One way Katniss and Tessie are the same is that they live in a dystonia.  Tessie is fine with the lottery as long as they don’t call her name, but Katniss doesn’t like the hunger game.  They are also different about how they feel about  there family.

Both Katniss and Tessie live in a dystonia. They both have to have a lottery. They both have someone that dies.  They both have a government to make they do a lottery. 

Tessie was fine with the lottery, but Katniss hated the lottery. Katniss said, “I’m feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping that it’s not me, that’s not me.” That shows that Katniss doesn’t want to be in the hunger game.  Tessie feels fine  if they don’t call her name in the lottery.

They are different of how they care for there family. When Katniss’s family was picked she said that she will volunteer for her sister. Katniss said. ” I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute.” However, when Tessie family was picked, Tessie said to take her daughter, not her.

Tessie and Katniss are in some ways the same, but a lot of difference. They both lived in dystonia, but Katniss hated the lottery and tried to pretest her family, and Tessie did not try to. That’s how the two characters are the same and different.

How the world will end

I predict that the world will end by earthquake. I think that the earth surface will change by too many earthquakes. I think that the earth  will crack every ones a day.  I think that the earthquakes will cause humans to die. I think that earth will stop when there isn’t enough energy to keep them going.

In the coming year, I will change three things in my life

In the coming year, I will change three things in my life.  I want to be better at language art.  I want to be more nice to other peoples.  I want to lose weight.

The first thing I’ll do is to get better at language art. I’ll do my homework. I’ll read more. I’ll study more.

The second thing I’ll do is to be more nice to other people. I’ll help them understand better if they don’t understand. I’ll stop yelling at them if they don’t understand. I’ll stop getting mad/upset at them if they don’t get it/  understand.

The last thing I’ll do is to lose weight. I’ll go outside more. I’ll exercise more. I’ll eat less.

This is the things i will change this year.

Give thanks

I am thankful for my family

It is fun to have them

I see them helping each other

I love that they are crazy fun

I am thankful for my family

I feel safe around them

I wonder if they are good friends

I try to be a great friend

I can be make them laugh

I am thankful for my friends

I know they can help me understand things better

I understand that they want to help me understand better

I’m fortunate because they can make me understand better

I dream that i will understand better

I am thankful for teacher

With gratitude from: Sofia


Based on the word and action of Mr. Summer in Shirley Jackson’s story lottery I think he is excited about the lottery.One thing Mr. Summer said about the lottery is “guess we better get started, get this over with. So we can go back to work. What this is telling me is that Mr. Summer is feeling anxious and hates the lottery. The central is that Mr. Summer is feeling anxious and hates the lottery and he wants to get over with it.



I want world peace

I want world peace. One of my big ideas was No more killing. My second big idea is helping homeless people. My third big idea is counties.

We should stop the war because the war is causing people to fight. We should stop getting weapons because it cause  people to kill other people. We should stop killing because of the peoples family could be sad for the death of the person how died.

We need to help people that are homeless because they need money if they need it. We should help the homeless people by giving them things they need like a home, food and supple. And we need to help We should help give medicine because what if they need it to live in peace.

Counties should not  have all different kinds of people because that means that different counties can have war of different counties. We should not have different kinds of people because that mean they can have different speck and can say a bad word to us and we don’t understand. We should not have two different counties because that mean both countries can fight.

The restates the topic is I wish for world peace. The summarize is I think we should have no killing,help the homeless people and no counties. The give insight, advice, or wish is I hope for world peace.

Nature walk

I want to a nature walk with the class.  We saw alot of plants. We felt alot of thorns.

I heard birds, the bird were chipping. The birds were colorful. The birds were flying on the trees.

I saw alot of plants, the plants were green. The plants were leaves and grass. The plants has and were thorns.